Monday, February 23, 2009


Nick and I went up to Cable Arch on Thursday. Nick hadn't ever been there, it was alot of fun! I took a picture of Nick on a huge mountain behind the arch, that's the one you have to crawl up using the cable.

Grandma Nornie kept Addi, so it was just us. Addi just loves her Grandma Nornie.

From the mountain on the opposite side.

Little love birds. Nick had to set the timer and skip down the side of the mountain to stand there for this pic. He did good!

We also took Addi up to Dead Horse Point. It's Amazingly Beautifull up there. But still a little Chilly.
But Addi didn't care. She was just having a good time.

Little Family Photo.


Kirk and Mandii Olsen said...

Some more GREAT pics!!! I can't wait to squeeze Addi this weekend~

Mindee said...

Glad you guy found it - Looks like you had a great time - Love and miss you guys. Give Addi a kiss for me.

PS. Way to go on updating your blog!