Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Nick's gone again, we took this right before he left.. Just as cute as last blog, one year ago!! ha ha

Isabelle, 5 weeks old this day, in her Beautifull dress Grandma Kandace bought her.

Addi and Izzi, Cute Sisters. Addi is such a good "Big Diddy"

Me and Addi, Doing a funny picture

Me and Addi, She's still doing the funny picture!


Emily M said...

That is funny that it has been a whole year!! How about more posts this year? I can't get enough of you girls they are SOOO cute! Hang in there!

Melissa said...

Okay, you guys really need to update more often, I didn't even know you had another baby, late congrat's!! She is adorable!