Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Addi got her ears pierced!!

Ok so Addi loves earings... but the stick on ones wont stay on her ears.. and she hates it.. so I ask her every once in a while if she'd like to go get them pierced.. she always says "um....... not yet" So this morning she had the sticky ones out again and was having a hard time keeping the on, so I asked her if she wanted to and she said "Yeah!" and was super excited. So we went to Parriotts Salon and got them done.
Sitting in the chair waiting for Jason to go get his piercing kit....
He cleaned off her lobes.
Then put a little dot where he wanted to put them, and made sure they were straight.. She was such a big girl..
Then put the gun up to her ear..... and "CLICK!!!"....
Not happy about the feeling the "CLICK" brought.. She let him do the other one and then
But she was over it by the time we got out to the car and loved her new "wedding earings"

Here's a video of her telling us about it!

Also here's some pics of the little Izster... she's getting so so big

She's learned about her tongue.


Little more tongue action..

Just Hangin out. My girls are growing up too too fast!!! Sad!


Emily M said...

That is fun that Addi got her ears pierced. Sean won't let me get my gals done. They both look so cute- i love those big smiles Izzi is giving! I hope you are doing good and hanging in there! :) I think of you often!

Mindee said...

Love the video! Way to go Addi - she is so cute! Izzi too! Good job on updating sis. Love you!

Melanie said...

WOW what a big girl Addi. I love your "wedding" earrings. I can't wait to see them. I miss all of you!

Arlene said...

Hey Monica... its Arlene I've been sending you emails but not sure if you've been getting them... your blog is sooo cute.. but not as cute as your adorable girls.. they are so beautiful!

koldroyd said...

I'm learning to leave a comment and move into the 21st Century. Thank you Melanie for being a patient teacher. I love the pictures. Please plan a trip to see Grandma soon, I miss you all and can't wait to see the "wedding earrings" in person. Izzy looks like she is getting bigger.

Grandma Kandace