Friday, April 9, 2010

Hooray Easter!

Grandma Nornie taking all the girls potty...Couldn't pass the picture moment up..It's so Grandma... She's so sweet, and loves all her little grand babies.
We crashed the Torres picnic on Friday.. the girls had a blast finding Eggs with their cousins at the Old City Park.
Gma Nornie, Dad and Mindee at the Annual Picnic at the Sand Dunes. The sun didn't come out until we started to pack up to leave.. As ussual!

Miss Addi!

Taislee, Lexi and Addi playing in the dirt, the tub was completley covered in dirt after the bath when we got home.


Emily M said...

i think i will say this with each new post- but i love that you are posting again!!! It looks like you guys had a great Easter (minus Nick)!! That fun that Addi has those cute cousins to play with.

Mindee said...

I love the picture with Grandma and the girls! It was fun to hang out. We need to do it more! Love you!